Sound In the Storm


Mark 4:40. He said to his disciples, “Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?”

I am like those disciples most of the time, I get so afraid; I still doubt, I know I have faith, but if I were to put myself in those disciples’ shoes, we would all be in the same boat (pun intended). It saddens me to admit this, furthermore write it for you all to see. And then I remember God’s word that says nothing is hidden from Him, so I do not want to hide, not this time around; been there done that, it just plunges you deeper into darkness and self loathing.

Jesus Calms the Storm from Mark 4:35-5:1 is the scripture of reference. Jesus was in a boat with his disciples: men who walked with Him everyday, were enabled by Him to perform miracles themselves, who had witnessed and overcame frightening obstacles; and then there were fishermen in the boat: who were skilled in their trade and had experienced many squalls. Yet both parties, disciples and fishermen were AFRAID, SO AFRAID that they STILL HAD NO FAITH. Whereas Jesus was sound asleep in the storm. WOW! Isn’t it interesting that the Bible, personal revelations from God, testimonies from friends and family, and from witnesses all around the world do not suffice to drive out fear. It’s because we haven’t fully grasped that Jesus is enough, we still think our experiences, our skills, and knowledge have to combine with our faith to produce confidence. We forget that these things are gifts from God, in the end we don’t own anything because it all belongs to HIM.FORGIVE US LORD. FORGIVE ME

Father, I want to be in the storm and not be afraid, I want to be able to sleep through the storm with the full confidence of your presence.

What have been your reactions towards some of the “furious squalls” of your life? Are you still afraid or have you conquered that fear by God’s grace?

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