In God’s Promises by Elisabeth Elliot, particularly, The Music of His Promises, we are told that “On dark days”… pray Psalm 119:172 (Let the music of thy promises be on my tongue). “Ever Be” by Bethel Music immediately came to mind, it sings, your praise will ever be on my lips.

That is the attitude God wants us to adopt, what He wants you to adopt. “But how can we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land?” said the Israelites and so say we in present day. How can we sing, how can I sing at all?

But we must sing, and not just any song, but the music of his promises. Not because we believe solely in promises and what good will come to us, but we believe and trust in Him who promises, in Him who holds all things. So sing my dear friends. I have not been singing. It’s as though I’ve forgotten the songs, forgotten the melody or have refused to sing. When I traced my steps, funnily I found my way back. As children of God, He promised He would not leave us nor forsake us, He said he is close to us who are brokenhearted.

Jeremiah 29:13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

You see, for what seemed like complete memory loss or lack of strength. I worked out my salvation, in that I went back to a place of obedience, and then it all started coming back to me; the songs, the verses, the conviction, the admission and the repentance.

Again?!!! But that is what is required of me. To say yes to Jesus every day, to fall on my knees every day, despite me, in spite of me, even when. In ” The Music if His Promises”, Elisabeth adds,

Do you feel nothing of the kind? When did the validity of the Eternal Word rest on the mood of one of His poor children?

Amen to that. Remembering one song, led me to others, then to Bible verses and then a time of prayer for myself and for others and to this blog entry and 3 hours later; all I can say is thank you, Lord.

He is MAGNANIMOUS indeed.

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