Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Magnanimous has become my favourite word in recent years. It means to be kind, generous and forgiving, especially towards an enemy or a rival.  It is reflective of Jesus Christ who for such a valiant task (death on a cross for the world’s sins); was and is gentle in character. We are enemies of Christ before we become his followers; harsh but true. Yet within that enmity, He is merciful, kind and forgiving –  this is grace, undeserved; so how much more if we were on His side instead of against? The good news of that is He is seeking reconciliation with you so you are always welcome to Him. Let’s just say with Jesus there is a standing open invitation.

I have not always been magnanimous, and probably am not most of the time, however,  Christ has been very gracious to me throughout my life and is changing me from the inside out. Consequently, my desire is to be magnanimous and to encourage others to be the same. This blog is just one small way of doing that.

My name is Akorfa. Some friends and family know me as Leah. I live in Canada.


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